FAIs (Frequently Asked Information) to secure an appointment for In-depth Conversation/Consultation to join Research Based Radical Autism Improvement Program (RBRAIP)

NSFA Global Inc. (Natural and Alternative Solution for Autism) group only focuses on treating and improving Autism by Natural and Holistic remedies. We offer professional consultation and solutions based on comprehensive research and in-depth analysis.

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So far 60 ASD (Moderate to Severe) Cases have been improved by this group and 40+ summarized case studies have been documented http://autism-nsfaglobal.com/(amazing 50 success stories in improving Autism). Currently, 40 additional cases are on the trail of progress.

Each specific Autistic child is special and require distinct approaches and processes. Clearly, Autism cases require individualization, focus and success-targeted program.

NSFA offer dedicated in-depth research oriented alternative individualized treatment programs for each baby.

On average, 1.5 - 2 hours in-depth case taking and at least 10 hours of added research hours are required to deliver value based prognosis and deliver improvement.

NSFA Global Treats a case as a Project. Based on research, Autism improvement expertise, and past experience the team will provide you a timeline for critical improvement.

Fees and remedy expenses would vary. For further information navigate the consultation and fees zone.

NSFA Global Inc. reserves the provision to accept or deny any cases.